Our way of working

Lala Salama does not aim to guarantee children a stable future, as a small organization we are not able to do that either. But we do try to ensure that children have a fair chance at a better future through education.

In collaboration with schools, parents, carers and the wider communities, Lala Salama sets up food programs to combat food insecurity. Porridge programs are the first step in tackling food insecurity, moving towards sustainable agricultural projects to promote self-reliance in schools. By offering food we motivate children to come to school and promote the continuity of education. Good nutrition contributes to better physical development, which increases their focus and improves school results.

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Our mission

Lala Salama wants to offer children in South   Kenya a better future. We believe that education is the key to their development and the ability to make big dreams come true. Together with local schools and communities, we focus on sustainable projects that ensure access to and continuity of education.

Goals we strive for

No poverty

Lala Salama believes the key to break the vicious circle of poverty is education. By adding porridge programs and other initiatives to education, children start or continue coming to school and learn to dream bigger.

No hunger

Our very first project was an irrigation system to make a children's home self-sufficient with food, and our current porridge projects now feed over 1000 children every day. We aim to guarantee sustainable food production and implement resilient practices to increase production before 2030.

Quality Education

Education is a fundamental human right but in Southern Kenya, children often work instead. By offering food, attendance at schools increases and literacy grows. To further the development of these kids, we support the schools with projects such as a library and a play room.

Partnership to achieve goals

Lala Salama achieves more impact when working together with partners. We work with companies, citizens and organizations – on a global, regional and local level. In the Netherlands we join forces with various aid organizations in order to share and exchange knowledge


Our Projects


Our Timeline

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