Between 2009 and 2019 we worked on beautiful projects with orphanage Teule. We are now fully focused on education, below you will find an overview of our projects so far.



And now our main focus is education, a fundamental children's right. Lala Salama works with schools to ensure that children continue to go to class. We do this through food programs, reducing food insecurity increases the chance that children do not have to work and go to school. We join forces with as many donors as possible to provide as many schools as possible with food programs. Do you join our mission?



Our Covid-19 food aid helped 16 families and 8 of these families actually became more self-reliant and no longer in need of our help. The other 8 families lacked an income of their own and came up with the idea of setting up their own business, and Lala Salama offered micro-credit to set this up. Half of these businesses have been successful and are now self-sufficient: a great result! The families who weren’t able to make their business successful aren’t ignored, we think together about how we can still work towards success

2020 - 2021

Food Aid

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many families in Southern Kenya have lost their income, which increased poverty. In collaboration with a church in Oloitokitok, Lala Salama has supported 16 families in their basic needs for over 8 months.


Windows project

You wouldn't think it gets cold in the winter in Kenya, would you? But it does! To make sure the children no longer get cold at night we installed windows in the children’s home. It might sound like a luxury, but surely was a necessity!

2017 - 2019

Cow Farm

Having 8 cows in our brand new barn, means the children in Teule get a cup of tea with fresh milk every day. Also, selling milk generates a sustainable income for the orphanage. We are able to buy a new cow and baby calf every year, with the help of your donations


Solar panels

Oh boy, that was a big project for us! But so important. The power would often go out in the village, which is not only uncomfortable but also unsafe. Thanks to the solar panels, sustainable electricity is always available as the sun shines every day in Oloitokitok! And the added benefit of course is that the home saves money on energy costs.


Play area

Work hard, play hard. Teule's play area is a place where kids can have fun, play games, relax and just be kids. Every child deserves to play and develop their imagination. We believe that’s the starting point for bigger dreams!



Teule's warm and cosy study area makes doing homework a whole lot easier and fun. So, come on let’s do our homework!


Baby dorm

The younger children used to share a bed  with the older children. But now they have their own building with 16 beds, where the little ones get the special care and attention they need and deserve!


Water tank

Water, what would we do without it? Thanks to this water tank, there is always fresh and clean drinking water available. The home also sells some of the water to the local community,  generating extra income.



Together with the children in home Teule, we built a library with hundreds of new educational books to read and explore. Knowledge is power!


Drip Irrigation system

In order to make Teule more self-sufficient, with the help of the University of Nairobi, the home installed a drip irrigation system. With this system there is enough water to grow vegetables. Every year the vegetable garden produces enough lettuce, onions and tomatoes to feed all the children in Teule. Yummy and healthy!

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