Tax Free Donating

Do you share our mission and aim to support us for a longer period of time? Awesome! Start to make smart use of tax advantage through periodic donations.

Periodic donations

Wij kunnen de hulp van bedrijven en organisaties goed gebruiken! Maak impact met het hele bedrijf en draag jullie steentje bij door het doen van een eenmalige of maandelijkse donatie. Wij houden jullie vervolgens op de hoogte van wat wij precies met de steun voor elkaar hebben gekregen.

If you want to donate to Lala Salama, you can do so in different ways. For example, through periodic donations which you commit to for at least 5 years. The big advantage for you: your gift is tax deductible, regardless of the amount. The tax authorities have designated Lala Salama as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). This means that all donations from individuals and companies are tax deductible.The size of the tax benefit depends on your personal circumstances. You can read exactly what conditions a regular gift must meet in order to be eligible for deduction at

Let’s get to it

Download the periodic donations agreement here. Fill it out and mail your agreement to, or send it to:

Lala Salama
Jan van Galenstraat 17 G

After receipt, we will complete the agreement and send it back to you as soon as possible. Keep the completed agreement safe: you will need it with your tax return for the deduction of the donation you have made. We are super thankful!

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